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The celebration of the water people

A journey, a marvelous show and a great celebration for Water and our beloved Earth from May 20th till June 2nd 2012 along the Brenta River, from the river mouth to the sources in Trentino.

For Water! For Life! For Mother Earth!

What’s up? Sunday May 20th Francisco will start his journey from Chioggia to explore the lands wet by the Brenta River from the sea up to the mountains. Seeing the lands and meeting those people who love them and these waters: those who have voted to preserve public access to water in the referendum, those who try and imagine a sustainable and harmonious development of the land, those who love and protect the beauty of nature. The key-words of this journey are thus getting to know, loving and sharing. I’d like this to be an opportunity for us all to start moving, to meet up and celebrate. All the updates will be published on and even su facebook (searh "la forma dell'acqua" or

I will offer every night a show called “The Shape of Water” to whomever who will put me up: it represents my wish for a new mankind, able to take their shape from water, able to change and adapt themselves, and also may each one of us instinctively know where to go like a drop of water. Two drops of water meet and start flowing, then they melt with others and flow into a mountain brook, then a stream of water, then a river and finally the sea. The water always finds its way, above or underground, knows how to be sweet and patient but merciless when full to the brim. I’ll tell the ancient legend of a Fisherman King, an ill king who brings sadness and disease in his kingdom until young Parsifal heals him with the Holy Grail. We will form circles and will get to know one another and start dancing together and celebrate: may all the beings belonging to all worlds be merry! In the morning, before starting to move, I would like to meditate and pray so that the wisdom of the river will reach us all. The journey will last two weeks, Francisco will get to the sources on June 2nd and will get back to Chioggia for the final celebration Sunday June 3rd.

Why this journey? I would like to make people meet and meet those who are ready to change and help mother earth: we need to get to a critical circle of people to address the change of our life-style, to create connections, to get to know and work together for shared goals. For this very reason we need to learn to see beyond our little garden, to understand the deep bond that joins us all, one to the other, to water and among us, without prejudices or preconceived notions. We are here now: where are we going? Let’s not make the mistake of thinking we all belong to separate worlds, because this little nice blue planet is just one and it’s alive. We know it’s time to move on and change, we know that other worlds are possible but the question is which one do we really want? To which one would we really give our energies and souls? Let’s meet to make a shared vision of this better world grow. Francisco offers his CONTRIBUTION: he learns kayaking, takes out his old heavy boots, gathers nice stories to tell and sets himself on a journey to meet women, men, waters, stones, animals and trees who love the Earth. I will bring to each little community who will be ready to welcome me my stories and a little bag of seeds: pumpkin and native corn seeds, but above all seeds of hope. We need to sow today the future that we desire. The people in Veneto have built their economic miracle with strength and obstinacy, so now they can become the builders of new balances between mankind and landscape.
How can I help? Would you like to walk with me? You’re more than welcome! Once I’ll have the full itinerary I’ll post it on In order to make this big celebration I need help: time, interest, beer, money, music…whatever you are able to do or if you decide to share anything, please do get in touch with me and we will use it the best way we can. I’ll ask the municipalities for a space along the river for a party: help me organize it! Let’s sail up together the Brenta River or, wherever in Italy and in the world, do celebrate and sail up your rivers for the biggest popular celebration for Water ever!
Who’s Francisco? Francisco was born in Brazil from Italian parents but grows up in Valcamonica. He graduates in Contemporary History in Venice. He lives for years in Treviso and is interested in landscaping and trees. He has founded In 2010 he walks along the Piave, from the mouth up to Belluno. Frm that moment on he has changed, he had started to tell stories about what he loves. Like a river runs fast down from the native mountains, then in slow bends crosses the flatlands until diving into the sea, so lives Francisco between the native Valcamonica and the Venice lagoon. His phone number is ++ 39 328 7021253.

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